Bread Tasting—In the News


Bread lovers, like wine connoisseurs, now have a chart to help you express the love of your loaf

Butterscotch, toffee, chocolate, molasses. Green apple, grapefruit, lemon and vinegar.
If you’ve never used these words when talking about bread, maybe this story will change that.


local bakery goes up against baking standards

Alison Pray is the co-owner of Standard Baking Co. in Portland, ME. She judges her breads using Michael Kalanty’s Flavor Wheel for Bread. (photo by Jill Brady/Staff Photographer)


Maine brewers, bakers & chefs join forces for a beer & bread pairing workshop

MAINE GRAINS and Craft Brewers In Skowhegan enjoy an ideation session to learn what sort of baked goods best compliment the region’s craft brews. Maine Grains is a gristmill featuring traditional stone milling. They specialize in locally sourced, organic, and heritage grains.