Things to Watch


Watch how to make
a Holiday Panettone

Traditional Italian panettone is made with a madre, a sourdough starter. In this video, Michael uses the
Sponge Technique to short-cut the steps and
make a quick holiday favorite.

Click on the panettone to watch the video.

Learn how to Toss
a sourdough pizza

Go behind the scenes into a pizza-making class at the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in San Francisco, CA.

Click the pizza to watch the video.

visit The International
Sourdough museum

Michael’s 25-year old sourdough starter is part of the collection in the Puratos™ Sourdough Museum
in St. Vith’s, Belgium.

Visit the museum, click the image.


The timeless flatbread technique is shown
in three simple steps:

Fo - Ca - Cha!

To watch the video, click the image.