The printed word is a wonderful platform for sharing thoughts
and insights about the glorious world of baking.
I hope you enjoy my stories.


Parlez-vous Boulangerie?

Do you speak the language of Bread?

Each Spring I lead a tasting tour of the top bakeries, pastry shops, and chocolate shops in Paris. Go behind the scenes with me and learn how to tell a good baguette from the impostors! Here’s my exclusive story for Bonjour Paris Magazine.


A MAster Class in Bread Appreciation

Rice porridge bread was THE most popular bread in the country between 1840 and 1890. Craft bakers want to update the classic for today’s consumers? Michael Kalanty conducts a tasting seminar with breads from 13 of the very best American artisans and teaches the reader how to evaluate and better enjoy any bread. Originally published in Breadlines by The BreadBakers Guild of America.


Flavor Wheel for Bread

Wine connoisseurs have had the wine aroma wheel for quite a while. Chocolate lovers, cheese aficionados, and beer lovers have flavor charts to help them develop their palates and better enjoy their culinary experiences.

Why can’t bread lovers have a sensory guide for the variety of yeasted breads they savor? Turns out they can!

Originally published in The National Culinary Review by The American Culinary Federation.


BREAD Notes from MY Travels

From the very first day I was a bakery apprentice in Paris I learned the importance of carrying a notebook wherever I travel. There are fleeting flavors, textures and personalities whose brightness you must not trust to memory. Sometimes I’ll write a story about a fellow baker I admire who shares a unique method for mixing, shaping or baking. Or a pâtisserie whose ethereal pastries are surpassed only by their hospitality. Some of the stories are merely a collection of thoughts, sometimes a work is more finished, if wanted to submit it to a magazine.