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Bread Fundamentals ONE (Meets 3 consecutive Sunday Evenings)

San Francisco Cooking School, SF, CA

The Bread Fundamentals Series is designed to help you build a set of foundation skills for a variety of leavened doughs. The classes expand your technical knowledge of WHY bread baking works while improving HOW you develop, handle, and shape bread dough.

The class will meet once a week over three consecutive weeks.

Bread Fundamentals One covers core techniques, ingredients, and skills for working with basic lean, soft, and rich breads. You’ll cover kneading and shaping and learn how to tell when a dough has properly fermented and risen. Bread Fundamentals One is the best place to start for anyone looking to gain a more thorough understanding of bread baking technique. After mastering how to make and shape a basic bread dough, you’ll move into pretzels, pizza dough, and torpedo rolls. 

By the end of the class you will:

  • Know how to mix, develop, ferment, and proof basic yeast doughs.

  • Handle and shape doughs with bench skill techniques that professional bakers use.

  • Know how to adjust an oven for better results with your home-baked breads.

Week #1: Yummy Sandwich Bread, Buttery Dinner Rolls, Rosemary Focaccia

Week #2 German Pretzels, Semolina Torpedo rolls, Rich Brioche

Week #3 Honey Whole Wheat Bread, Hand-stretched Pizza

The class will meet once a week over three consecutive weeks

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