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Sourdough Intensive

Artisan Baking Center, Petaluma, CA

SourdoughWild YeastNatural Fermentation. Whatever you call it, the newest, hippest way to make your own breads at home turns out to be the oldest one known to Man!

You’ll learn how to get the fullest flavor in your sourdough breads through a series of “builds”, or intermediate doughs. Learn how time and temperature change the flavor profile of your sourdoughs so you can make any bread fit your personal taste preference. Make San Francisco Sourdough and learn classic steps for this type of bread; make Apple Walnut Hearth Bread to learn a modern interpretation with a range of ingredients and a sourness so mild you won’t even want to call it a sourdough.


Pain au Levain, San Francisco Sourdough, Apple Walnut Hearth Bread, Rosemary & Raisin Sandwich Loaves, and Multi-Seed Bâtards.

What You’ll Learn To Do in This Class

  • Start & Maintain your own wild yeast culture

  • Develop (“knead”) sourdough breads for best texture

  • Modify the bread’s schedule to create the flavor and texture YOU want

  • Fully proof and properly bake sourdough breads to have open, airy texture with the type of crust you want–thin & crispy or thick & chewy.

“Every class I teach must give students the confidence and the techniques to make these breads at home, successfully!” With that mantra, MICHAEL KALANTY served as Dean of Education at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and was twice named Instructor of the Year by Le Cordon Bleu. The author of several professional baking programs in the U.S. and internationally, his focus is taking professional techniques and making them accessible to aspiring bakers. His first book, How To Bake Bread: The Five Families of Bread®, won the Gourmand International award for Best Bread Book in the World in 2011. At, his video courses cover baking science, techniques, and whole grain breads.  A leader in the sensory world for baked goods, he holds the copyright for the Aroma and Flavor Wheel for Bread©. In his spare time, he leads tasting and baking tours through Paris and the French provinces.