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Sourdough Workshop

San Francisco Cooking School, SF, CA

The newest, hippest way to make your own breads at home turns out to be the oldest one known to Man–Sourdough Breads with Natural Yeast Starter!

Hands-on and hands-in dough! Build your own dough, feed the starter, learn how building your dough through a series of feedings changes the flavor of your bread.  Make Pain au Levain, the classic French sourdough bread, with special focus on bench skills and dough handling techniques. See how to make simple variations to the formula or to add other ingredients, like golden raisins and fresh rosemary. Chef will have prepared an additional dough so you can get practice forming sourdough rolls.

This is an intermediate level class, but a love of bread and clean, eager hands are all you need to be successful in this class. By the End of this Class, You will be able to:

•         Start & maintain your own natural yeast culture
•         Make the bread fit your schedule
•         Make your own variation by adding other ingredients


Pain au Levain, Rosemary & Raisin Sandwich Loaves, and Multi-Seed Buns. 

You’ll leave class with your own Pain au Levain that you’ll bake in class, a complete (unbaked) dough that you can ferment and bake at home to practice your new skills, samples of other breads baked in class, a complete set of instructions to making the French Pain au Levain, step-by-step, and some of Chef’s 25-year old Organic Sour Starter (from the International Sourdough Library in Belgium)

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